Day 3 - Summary

Day 3 summary

The night before I had weird dreams about angry pets. Angry dogs and angry cats. Very odd. I got out the door a little later than planned and rushed to get there to support the conference. Arrived and they seemed okay for staff and effort.

I did meet Shaun Saphton when walking in to the RR building. He is a certain South African poster on my blog who asked about NASA Science timeliness issues. We chatted and I got a couple others involved. He and his company work under murderously short deadlines. It seems that they have a good system in place to handle things, but one thing I noted was they had issues with skinning on time. Very interesting and from a very different point of view compared to our 6 week-ish long cycles.

That he had to post anonymously and could not easily provide his real email is yet more proof that I need my own real web site on a real web server. I want a simple blog that gives the features I want.

KSS by Joel Burton

Joel gave a good, quick explanation of the why and how of KSS. I knew most of it but there were a few gems I picked out of it that I turned right into working functionality for an internal NASA product.

Buildout by Clayton Parker

I thought I had been getting pretty good with buildout, but Clayton of Six Feet Up demonstrated how little I really knew. Thanks to him my skills really exploded forward. I am very happy right now with what I got from him. I may go to the buildout workshop in Indiana next month.

Distutils and more Buildout by Tarek Zaide

Tarek gave a great overview of distutils and buildout, explaining the current status quo, how things are moving along, and the pains of getting python core people to improve certain things. He talked about the new products section of, mirroring PyPI, and lots more.

General Socializing

More fun and yet another quick and dirty list in no particular order:

  • Tarek Zaide
  • Alex Clark
  • Amy Clark
  • Matt Bowen
  • Jon Stahl
  • Vernon Chapman
  • Katie Cunningham
  • Gary Burner
  • Chris McDonough
  • Chris Perkins (TurboGears)
  • Mark (TurboGears)
  • Calvin Hendryx-Parker
  • Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker
  • Alexander Limi
  • Martin Aspelli
  • Hanno
  • Harito
  • Darci Hanning