Day 3 - Lightning Talks

CSS Manager by Rob Porter

  • Lots of handy push button tools for themes
  • Puts changes in the custom folde

Grok + Dexterity by Martin Aspelli

  • showing something with grok and dexterity
  • Grok inside of Plone!!!

Plone Tune-Ups by Calvin Hendrix-Parker

  • What is it?

    • Short sprints done one fridays

    • #plone-tuneup on


    • problem tags

      • newbie
      • green belt
      • black belt
      • big bugs
    • for whom?

      • anyone
      • css experts
      • qa people
      • documentation
  • why?

    • chance to give back to community
    • advance plone

Fabric by Aaron Van Der Lip

Because Aaron is Lazy…

  • computers are for automating tasks, not for creating tasks that automate us
  • A framework for handling repeatable tasks via ssh

Zope on Python 2.6 by so and so

  • We get to have Zope on a modern server

Photogallery for repoze.bfg by ???

  • Not everything should be done in plone
  • Some things should be done in repoze.bfg
  • repoze demo gallery