Day 1 - Feed the Masses

  • Introducing Vice - Outbound syndication in Plone via the Zope Component Architecture
  • by Paul Bugni
  • Wednesday 8, 2008


  • Syndication
  • Vice History and Demonstration
  • Zope Component Architecture
  • Vice Integration


  • Providing other ways for your site to provide content besides the browser
  • Great for frequently updated data
  • Web feeds, rss, atom, etc
  • Allows aggregators to target your site/feeds
    • Net News Wire
    • Feedburner
    • Google reader

Prevailing syndication formats

  • RSS 2.0
  • Atom 1.0

Exposing the myth of RSS compatibility

  • There are 9 different and incompatible versions of RSS
  • FeedParser handles them all
  • RSS has always had many branches
  • Check out wikipedia for map of RSS branches


  • Designed to be done via consensus. No branches!
  • Atom has required fields
  • Atom is gaining momentum because its easy to work with

Plone Syndication

  • RSS 1.0 is the current view
  • PLIP #128 is there to support RSS
  • Uses Zope Adapters (via Five) to provide new views


  • Sponsored by GSOC
  • P4A multimedia support
  • Plone 3 only

Installing VICE

  • Add to the build.cfg

eggs = vice.plone.outbound fake_zope_eggs = True


  • Allows for recursion on objects, their children, and their children’s children
  • By content type can select RSS, ATOM, or both
  • And even RSS 1.0
  • Can syndicate any container


  • Separation of concerns
  • easy to add new feed types
  • make it easy to add new attributes
  • Isolate complexity into manageable objects

I need to bring in my icky one for Chris cause that at least runs cool