Joe Developer Class Curriculum Idea


This was my idea during the conference. In essence, a class for the rest of us.

Goals of the class for our firm

  1. Teach plone to more people
  2. Teach Plone A-Z using latest stable technologies
    • buildout
    • Zope 3 style products
  3. Have fun
  4. Make enough money to get some Taco bell
  5. Prospect for potential customers for consulting
  6. Prospect for potential employees for consulting
  7. Earn me street cred in Plone community

Quickie view of the curriculum

  • Class Pre-Requisites
    • Basic knowledge of python
    • laptop, Mac OSX or Linux preferred
  • Our Setup
    • Local Pypi mirror that we bring in to remove dependency on local internet connectivity
  • Assembling the tools (Class starts)
    • python
    • easy_install
    • paster
    • SVN
    • PIL
  • Buildout - Plone!
    • Configuring our Plone instance with buildout.cfg
    • Building Plone
  • Setting up a plone instance in the ZMI
  • Buildout - Product!
    • Using Paster and ZopeSkel to build a sample product
    • Pointing buildout.cfg at our new product

Class Pre-Requisites

  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • Laptop

Our Setup

  • Local PyPI mirror to expedite buildouts and remove dependency on network connectivity by host
  • Projector

Assembling the tools

  • Correct version of Python
  • easy_install
  • Paster
  • SVN
  • PIL


  • Create your product
  • Doing the bootstrap