Lightning Talks last Day


  • Lets you add geography data to Django
  • Works with PostGIS
  • Attaches to normal django modelsgeodjango.rst
  • Looks very easy to do!

What up with Zope

  • Why is Zope still relevant
  • PyPI is 90% Zope packages
  • Age
  • ZODB

New command line parsing called argparse

  • argparse
  • look on

Zain’s cheapo continuos integration tool

blist looks awesome

  • For handling gigantic lists. Why not just use numpy?

C types

  • only for cpython
  • Allows access to c constructs

Using parenthesis to avoid backslashes in python


>>> t = ("I am"
... " a screwy geek"
... " who likes python")
"I am a screwy geek who likes python"