PyCon PL 5 lat

aka Five Years of Python

  • by Filip Kłębczyk


I’m translating this entire talk from Polish. I don’t speak Polish except how to say, “Thanks” and now “Questions?”.


  • We’ve been doing PyCon PL for 5 years
  • How many people have been to PyCon before? (about half)
  • How many people have come to their first PyCon? (about half)

How did we get started?

  • The inspiration comes from various other user group conferences.
  • We wanted an event for Python
  • We also give credit to PLUG (Polish Linux User Group)
  • Piotr Kasprzyk, Ph.D, gets credit and applause for his untiring work in the Polish Python community. Many attendees are previous students of his and he invited Audrey Roy to PyCon PL 2012.

PyCon PL 2008

  • October 18-19 in Rybnik

  • Rybnik looks like a lovely city.

  • The administration of the event has been a growing process.

  • We had a big old-fashioned monitor on the presenter’s desk.

  • Lennart Regebro was the first foreign guest to PyCon PL!

    • Zope
    • Plone
  • Lots of beer was drunk!

PyCon PL 2009

  • October 16-18 in Ustron

  • So much fun last year we had to expand it!

  • The day before the conference there was a big snow storm

    • It was much harder to get there
  • Wesley Chun was the guest speaker

    • Google App Engine
  • This year we didn’t have a big monitor on the presenter desk.

PyCon PL 2010

  • October 8-10 in Ustron

  • A little bit earlier so we could miss the snow storm

  • The weather was beautiful!

  • So nice that people wore short sleeves outside!

  • Armin Ronacher was our guest speaker

    • Jinja2
    • Flask
  • This guy played piano a lot

PyCon PL 2011


When asked who had been to all PyCons before this one people raised their hand. So I raised my hand too.

  • September 22-25 in Machocice Kapitulne

  • Took place at this hotel we are at now (Hotel Przedwiośnie)

  • Guest speakers:

    • Brandon Craig Rhodes
    • Lennart Regebro
  • Yummy BBQ outside with lightning talks!

    • Note: looks like a very impressive setup
    • You had to do it in your heavy coat
    • It was fun!

PyCon PL 2012


This weekend’s conference!

  • September 13-16 in Machocice Kapitulne

  • Took place at this hotel we are at now

  • Guest speakers:

    • Audrey Roy
  • Have fun and do Python!