Scaling Django web apps


Best Django scaling talk I ever attended!

By Mike Malone

  • Common bottlenecks
  • Django gave stuff for free
  • Scaling is not speed or performance
  • Not affected by performance
  • No silver bullet

A Scalable Application

  • Writing to local disk will kill performance
  • A scalable system doesn’t need to change when the size of the problem changes


  • Per site cache (except for forms)
  • per view cache
  • heavily personalized sites don’t work this way

Django has a nice low-level Cache API

  • from django.core.cache import cache
  • Use signals.post_save so you can invalidate caches
  • They would do a hack by using cache.set to None for certain cases

Monkey patching the cache backend lets you tie the django.cache system to memcache

Upping your appserver

  • Load balancing

Need to see the slides

  • Tons of details dumped really fast
  • Lots of good sys admin information