High-Performance JavaScript


This was an awful talk. It could have been better, but the phrase, “Hey I travelled 1000 miles to get you guys to contribute to my unknown framework”” rankled badly with people like me who traveled 3000+ miles to attend.

  • Plan for 200 millisecond latency

by Erich Ocean

  • JavaScript can be used on mobile devices
  • Much, much faster
  • Flash, etc has limitations

About sproutcore

  • The only HTML 5 application framework adopted by and now developed at Apple
  • Open source
  • Developers write standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Is seen as successor to NeXTStep/Cocoa
  • First cloud application framework

The HTML 5 Stack

  • Webkit (FF, Chrome)
  • fast JS engine
  • SproutCore application framework
  • Favorite DOM library (jQuery, YUI, Dojo, Extjs)

Django’s opportunity

  • Client-server interaction in the cloud is hard
  • Django has a very well designed ORM that exposes meta-informantion
  • Sproutcore has a well designed ORM that makes use of meta-information