Keynote by Ted Leung

  • Sun Microsystems VP on new tools
  • Cloud computing guy at Sun

Status of web frameworks

  • The status of web frameworks
  • Django is the python web framework
  • Growth of django jobs is astronomical, but our numbers are still low
  • Django jobs increased 692% in 2009!


  • Flex/Flash
  • Silverlight
  • JavaFX
  • Open Web

Latency is a big deal. If your app does not respond in 0.1 seconds, then you have a problem.

Cloud Computing

  • Began as deploy / operational play
  • Will impact development


  • Rails have solved the deployment issue
  • Lift (Scala) has a lot of neat features like easy Comet support
  • Nitrogen (Erlang) has a strong focus on UI.


  • Bleah, slow
  • But getting optimized for speed

What can Django do better

  • What about an AJAX version of the admin module!
  • Django + Comet is a pain in the butt!
  • Deployment standards
  • Monitoring and building that into the admin!!!
  • Suggested stuff that Pinax is doing for best practices
  • REST needs to go into core