Turning JSON into info

by Roger Bodamer


Did not show the query code. I have to look it up online. Ugh.

Relative Queries

  • 2 aggregations at the same time

    • 1 by user
    • 1 by location
  • Break up into several queries

  • Fairly complex

  • Easiest in Python or other programming languages

A note on queries

  • There is no notion of declared schema
  • The augmented scheme is coded in queries
  • Reuse is very hard, happens at a query language

A word on rendering graphs and reports

  • Some libraries

    • Gruff
    • Scruffy
    • HighCharts (Paid for)
    • JRafael
    • JQuery Vizualize
    • MooCharts


  • But basically you have to know how to program


  • Fluid requirements are what you get to handle when you use MongoDB
  • Know how to program Python (or anything else)
  • If you are a business analyst, you’re screwed (Not an acceptable answer)