• fixtures = [‘authtestdata’]


Kent Beck:

Tests are the programmer's stone, transmuting fear into boredom.

Microsoft Research:

40-90% reduction in bugs takes 15-35% increase in time if you use Test Driven Development.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss:

Whatever happens, don't let your test suite break thinging, "I'll go back and fix this later"

Django Tools

  • Unit tests (unittest)
  • Doctests (doctest)
  • Fixtures
  • Test client
  • Email capture

Unit Tests

  • Python 2.7 should support it much better


  • Extends Python unittest
  • fixtures
  • Email capture
  • Database management
  • Slower than unittest.TestCase


  • Neat
  • Eat to read
  • Hard to maintain

Functional Tests

  • a.k.a Behavior driven development
  • “Blackbox”, holistic testing
  • Hardcore TDD folks look down on functional tests
  • But they keep your boss happy
  • Easy to find problems; harder to find the actual bug.


Jacob like YAML over JSON because of readability. Don’t bother with XML fixtures.

fixtures = [‘authtestdata’]

This is some basic Auth data from core that you can use to have groups and users. Hooray!

Test running:

./manage.py test
./manage.py test app
./manage.py test app.SomeTestCase
./manage.py test app.SomeTestCase.test_method

New fixture tool

Coverage tool

Browser Testing

  • Selenium (ya ya)
  • Windmill (has Django support now!)

Exotic Testing