• request.raw_post_data

REST has an absence of bureaucracy


  • Resources
  • Names (URIs)
  • Representations
  • Connections (links)

REST properties

  • Addressable
    • Every resource is addressable
  • Statelessness
    • Can make requests in any order
    • Can make doing transactions a bit challenging (need to treat state as a resource)
  • Connectedness
  • A uniform resource interface

IOW: “Respect the web”

  • RFC 2616
GET select select
POST create insert
PUT update update
DELETE delete delete

Adding an API

  • Odds are you already have one! Your website!
  • But cool kids like me (Danny) use JSON
  • use Python 2.6+ version of json over simplejson to get better performance. Same library, just implemented in C.
  • Jacob likes to set mime type during DEBUG to text/javascript to make debugging easier

Plain Django

  • Jacob likes to construct RESTful resources so he can encapsulate all the RESTy bits in external functions and classes. Keeps his API methods really short.
  • In POSTS he remembers to set the right status