I didn’t know it’s Python: Python Advocacy

  • by Allan Palo Barazone
  • http://twitter.com/titopao
  • Python since 2007, but since early 2000s
  • Affiliated of Wikimedia Philippines, Inc
  • Good advocacy talk

How you attract tourists

  • …use paid television ads?
  • …use print ads?
  • …use social media?
  • …and still be consistent

Mount a campaign!

  • Slogan: It’s more fun in the Philippines!
  • Logo and slogan alone do not make a good campaign

People need to know:

  • What’s in it for me?

Why Python?

  • The usual ‘advocacy’ stuff.

  • Very, very gentle learning curve

    • Even complete newbies can understand


  • Easily done with Python

    • Low-level modules in another language (like C or C++)
    • Then Python joins ‘em all together
  • Python’s simplicity allows easy rewrites of prototypes

    • competitive edge over C/C++/Java

Python is…SIMPLE

  • Faster learning curve

    • Easier to pick up than ‘traditional’ Filipino CS 101 languages
    • Focus on thinking, not synxtax
  • More readable than other languages

    • Probably influenced by GvR’s math background
    • Similar to pseudo code
    • Hard to obfuscate

Works with JAVA and .Net!!!

  • Reality: IT industry in PH is Java/.Net centric

  • problem:

    • We’ve already invested in Java/.Net technologies - will we have to rewrite the stuff?
    • NO!

Ten things you didn’t know that use Python