Game Programming with Python

  • by Mr Sony Valdez
  • Fantastic speaker
  • Need to introduce him to Richard Jones
  • OMG he used notepad to present and pulled it off!


  • “Are you afraid of math? Too bad! In this tutorial you will learn how to math! Scary, isn’t it?”
  • If you’re not familiar with cartoons I feel very sad for you.

Ph Game Development Industry

What you need to know to program games

  • Programming language

    • Traditional

      • C
      • C++
    • New

      • Flash
      • Java
  • Math

  • game design pattersm

  • C++

  • Flash

  • Lua

  • Python

  • Javascript


Coordinate System

  • x,y system

Collision Detection

  • Collection detection is the alogrithm used to see if two sprites intersects
  • If two rectangles overlap then there is a collision. An event is triggered.

Game Design Patterns

  • Game Loop is simply an infinite loop in which input, updates, and draws occur. Each iteration is what is called a ‘Frame’
  • Game object represents an object in the game

Game Platforms

  • Programmers use whatever is available
  • half-life, Warcraft 3, Multimedia Fusion, GameMaker, and pygame


  • Based on Python
  • Object oriented

Let’s make a game

  • Python
  • Pygame
  • Shump