Why python sucks

  • Not enough developers know Python
  • Few organizations have Python solutions
  • Python language weirdness
  • Python is slow

Not enough Python developers

  • Python developers found are of higher quality
  • All levels of Python experience provided real insight
  • It can be good to hire people interested in new languages
  • They like to hire people who are open minded

Few organizations have Python solutions

  • Competitive advantage due to language
  • Competitive barrier to entry - people are afraid of the language
  • Regular opportunity for advocacy
  • Likes client that trust them to deliver
  • Best customers don’t care about fishing rods, just about the fish caught

Python language weirdness

  • Most of this is personal preference.
  • Forced indenting forces readability
  • Dynamic typing demands more robust testing

Python is slow

  • Some problems do not fit a pure Python solution
  • Forces you early on to pick the right tool
  • No tool meets every need, but knowing when it doesn’t work for your task is the an important skill


  • Python rocks
  • Many weaknesses of Python have often turned into great opportunities