Turbogears Philosophy

  • grab best of breed items and created framework
  • Replaced Kid with Genshi (faster, more flexible)

Why TG2?

  • World was moving towards WSGI
  • Pylons was already there and had similar components (SQLAlchemy, Paste, buffet)
  • Make it easier to understand
  • Wanted to get where Pylons was with WSGI
  • Share developer efforts with Pylons
  • WSGI which allows the fun of Middleware and has a well-defined interface
  • WSGI lets you build up your framework from Middleware

Why not just merge TG and Pylons?

  • Pylons likes everything to be independent
  • TG likes standard options to speed things up
  • (Debian != Ubuntu) == (Pylons != TurboGears)

Stuff that was shared

  • Pylons middleware for exception handling
  • Make a TG style controller in Pylons

Going forward with other frameworks

  • Maybe lots of frameworks was good
  • Web frameworks need to work better
  • Need to communicate better
  • Biodiversity is the SIGN of a healthy ecosystem
  • Lots of ways to handle different problems like forms and security
  • repoze.tm
  • repoze.profile
  • Stop reinventing the wheel!
  • DBSprockets (django admin for other frameworks!) – look this up!!!
  • WebOp makes writing middleware easy
  • Social prerequisites
  • Play nice!
  • Respect each other
  • willingness to listen
  • try other frameworks
  • develop a thick skin