Lightning Talks Thursday


I rarely take this many notes on Lightning Talks these days. (Danny 07/05/11)

Plone HRM


Kind of neat and the sort of thing a Plone CMS might handle well. You need tons of docs plus some core tools. Add in PloneFormGen and you’ve got a pretty nice HR tool. (Danny 07/05/2011)

  • Human Resources Product

  • Handles different locations

  • Functionality

    • Salary
    • Contract Builder
    • Performance Reviews



This is a tool that lets you turn your Plone site into a blog farm. (Danny 07/05/2011)

  • Blogging for Plone
  • Not ready but BOF is happening


  • SmartFolders + Regular Expressions
  • Looks good


-Turns Plone items into PDF, Docs, RTF, and other things


  • Semantic indexing and semantic search of documents/contents
  • Hard to understand



This is about the simple Zope powered framework. The work Chris McDonough did on repoze.BFG / Pyramid that eclipsed it clearly eclipsed it in both design strategy and leveraging lessons learned from outside the community. (Danny 07/05/2011)

  • Luciano Ramalho
  • Simple is good
  • Start playing with it now

Manage your releases with Bundleman


Even back then this seemed like a duplication of where the rest of the community was doing with buildout. However, the notes I have from this period claim ‘Good Documentation’, something that can be argued was a failure of the buildout community.

  • Handy management tool for releases
  • Ties right into SVN
  • Used to manage externals. I think I like builtout better.
  • Good for maintaining older applications perhaps
  • Good documentation

Repoze: Getting Plone to WSGI

  • Paul Everitt
  • WSGI, Eggs, Paste, virtualenv
  • Advice: Record your coding, don’t do it live

Storage for Archetypes with SQLAlchemy

  • Godefried Chapelle
  • Good logging

Entransit Content Deployment, bridging the presentation gap

  • Alan Runyan
  • Gives human users the ability to design and light data architecture
  • Empowers end users
  • Can control page layouts