Anti-patterns and patterns for successful projects

Speaker: Kamon AYEVA


I had hoped to get new things out of this but as an experienced US government software contractor, none of this was new. (Danny 07/05/2011)

Introduction (Why should we care)?

  • Any website project is a ‘software’ project
  • All projects are CMS projects
    • Users always want to update the site
    • Types of People involved in development
      • User
        • Works to get tool to address my needs
        • Tool should be easy to use
        • critical: does not want to change their habits
      • Project Manager
        • Speaks with user
        • speaks with developer
        • then manages the budget
      • Developer
        • Tries to get the right stuff involved: CMS, DMS, Web 2.0, Flex, AJAX, JavaFX, Python, Ruby, .NET, etc…
        • Trying hard to get best CMS done right!
      • Success depends on the three parties working together
      • Challenge is that each party has their own priorities
      • Tip one: Try to understand each other
      • User should be put first, since funding and interest comes from them

Follow these rules so life is easier

  • Avoid things that don’t work (anti-patterns)
    • Don’t reinvent the wheel and fight people who do this sort of thing
      • File servers, DMS, Mail Server, Calendars, security, LDAP
    • If you build it they will come
      • What problem are your trying to address?
      • Have others done it already?
      • I there a third party tool that already exists for this task?
      • Am I building the solution for me, my customer, or my ego?
      • Trap: Gas Factory
        • Bloatware
        • We tend to add feature after feature until the application becomes unmanageable
  • Apply rules and patterns that work