David Eaves

  • Professional negotiator
  • Professional speaker
  • Good, positive message

Russell Keith-Magee

  • President of DSF
  • Django core dev
  • Presenting on Django Software Foundation

Organization of the DSF

Board members

  • Russell Keith-Magee
  • Adrian Holovaty
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  • Dan Cox (president of Mediaphormedia)


  • Treasurer: Joseph Kocherhans
  • Secretary:


  • Infrastructure

Developer Members

  • Contributed to Django in a material fashion
  • Admissions approved by the board
  • Can be anyone “sufficiently material”
  • Members can nominate new board

Corporate Member

  • Small: $500/year
  • Medium: $1000/year
  • Large: $500/year

What does the DSF do?

  • Trademark management

    • The DSF has two lawyers, including a core dev (Justin Bronn)
  • stuff

Manages Ownership of Django

  • Django is owned by the individual contributors

Idan Gazit

Title Designers make it go to eleven

  • Benevolent Designer for Life of Django
  • BDesignerFL
  • Took the role in Spring of 2011

Compromise is the soul of design

  • You can’t get everything you want
  • You have to make choices

Usability Stuff

  • Color charts
  • chunking 8001234567 vs 800-123-4567


  • who
  • what
  • why
  • where

Critical issues that hurts Django in regards to designers

  • Python on windows is a problem
  • local setup
  • project templates - some basic architecture layours
  • deployment has been a pain point
  • trac is sucky

Glyph Lefkowitz

Title: Why does Django hate Python


Trying to follow Glyph in notes is probably going to fail. He is that awesome

  • Started with prose
  • I come to bury Python, not to praise it
  • “Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.” - Fred Brooks
  • “Over the centuries native Americans came up with sign languages. Developers have a zillion languages” - Alan
  • “Systematically identify top designers as early as possible” - Fred Brooks on getting a software architect in place
  • Give in to your hate - Glyph on hating things that aren’t Python