Django Core Dev Panel

by cast of thousands

  • Alex Gaynor

    • First code was a test
    • Isn’t excited by the reinvention of things
  • Andrew Godwin

    • Wrote a breakout clone
    • Finds web based games interesting
  • Carl Meyer

    • Ice hockey
    • first code was a patch
    • likes playing with Haskell
  • Chris Beaven

    • async fan of eventlet, node, etc
  • Gary Wilson

    • Learned on TurboPascal in high school
  • Gabriel Hurly

    • First wrote a log parser in Perl
    • Open Stack fan!
  • Idan Gazit

    • finds backbone.js exciting
    • Doesn’t like sproutcore cause it tries to change your system entirely
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss

    • BDFL
    • Farming
    • Apple ][ basic code just like me!
  • James Bennett

  • Joseph Cochrane

    • Riak
    • Geographical data into distributed systems
  • Julien Philip

    • Soccer, Rugy
    • First code was a calculator
  • Justin Bronn

    • Linux kernal hacking
  • Karen Tracy

    • Played with Basic on the IBM PC
    • Rescues kittens
  • Paul McMillon

  • Russ Keith-Magee

    • His little kids rock
    • Wrote a line based basic game on the Commodore 64
    • Excited by the change in the platform

What about App Refactor?


Zoned out and missed this one. Argh

  • infrastructure API has been cooked up
  • configurable foreign key

New community roles

  • Security Manager: Makes Django to be more secure
  • Front end BDFL: Makes Django prettier
  • No one should be irreplaceable

How about Django on other interpreters?

  • Alex Gaynor is also core dev on CPython and PyPy and says it works
  • JKM asks about any issues with Django on Iron Python

Talking on django-dev

  • be decent
  • Don’t just +1 or -1 that doesn’t give them any knowledge
  • Explain why you are sharing your opinion

Code of conducts

  • JKM: Django community ought to have a written code of conduct
  • The Django core dev leadership is very approachable

How can the Django third-party ecosphere be managed?

  • Miguel Araujo wanted to know if we can manage the community of third-party world. Cause some packages are just unmaintained

  • Possible ideas:

    • unmaintained code could fall out of ownership
    • How do you maintain/control a community of volunteer projects?
    • Core devs are already overloaded
    • The DSF can give Django Packages and other projects more support