Predictions for future Django versions

Predictions for 1.4

To be removed

  • Python 2.4 support

  • Remaining single-db support

  • Old style messages are going away

    • Don’t use django.contrib.auth.messages!
    • Use new messages (django.contrib.messages)
  • Legacy auth backends are going away


Rampant Speculation

  • Basic schema migration support
  • Refactor and formalization of “apps”
  • Improved ideas of what a “user” is
  • Better hooks for monitoring, debugging, and metrics
  • template compilation
  • Better time zone support
  • Python 3

Predictions for 1.5

Possible removals

  • Python 2.5 support (2.6 is just plain faster)
  • mod_python support (no more support, no way to download, just say no!!!)
  • Removal of function based generic views
  • Old-style url and ssi template tags