Lightning Talks


Live-noting lighting talks is very challenging. I’ll do what I can but the level of detail provided in lightning talk notes will in general not be the same as my notes on normal talks.


If you are presenting, never, ever, ever, ever rely on the internet.

Retask: Queue for humans (Kushal Das)

from retask.task import Task
from retask.queue import Queue
queue = Queue('example')
info1 = {'user':'kushal', 'url':''}
info2 = {'user':'fedora planet', 'url':''}
task1 = Task(info1)
task2 = Task(info2)
# consumer
from retask.task import Task
from retask.queue import Queue
queue = Queue('example')
while queue.length != 0:
    task = queue.dequeue()
    if task:

How and why a Java Expert switched to Python (Ron Cox)

  • Got into Java v1 ages ago

  • Worked with servlets to deliver web sites

  • About 2.5 years ago was working on mobile tech including Android and iOS work.

  • Was tired of Java:

    • Java language wasn’t productive enough.
    • Java platform was very resource intensive
  • New stack:

    Python 3.2
  • Steve Holdren’s comment:

Coding Across America (Matt Makai)

Coding Across America is a five month journey around the United States to learn and write about technology in thirty cities.

Gitstreams (Justin Lily)

  • Doesn’t like the Github activity stream

    • Too much activity
    • Filtering isn’t good enough
  • gitstreams is an email digest of GitHub activity

  • You choose the email frequency

NasberryPi (Mark Ransom)

Home media server!

  • Just started with RaspberryPi

  • Got this working on a Pogo plug, should work fine with RaspberryPi

  • What he has setup:

    • Fileserver
    • Media server
    • Web server (nginx, django) (For a personal home site, why does he use Nginx?)
    • Torrent server
    • More
  • Setup is easy, just sudo apt-get 7 packages

European Conferences (Mike Mueller)

Euro SciPy

PyCon Germania

PyWeek Challenge (Richard Jones)

  • Spend a week writing a video game using Python
  • Learn more, create libraries, maybe even release something on Steam!

Python Epiphanies (Stuart Williams)

  • How do you pretend to type during talks so you don’t make mistakes?
  • Fake it until you make it!
  • Use the code module from the Python stdlib

Job Security (Chris Neugebaur)

  • PyCon Australia 2013

  • People code in Python because it’s readible

    • “Readability counts”
    • PEP-8
  • Readability sucks

    1. People can comprehend your code
    2. You can maintain your code
    3. Your code is applicable in more places
  • THIS IS ALL BAD! (if you want more billable hours)

  • How do you write unmaintainable code?

    • Variable naming systems
    • Metaclasses
    • Monkey-patching (roll your own stdlib)