Transifex: Beautiful Python app localization

by Dimitris Glezos


  • Github for translations
  • Develop for an international audience


  • Mark translatable strings

  • Release string freeze

  • Translator: VCS checkout

  • Translate w/special tools

  • Get ‘em files back

    • SSH, email, tickets
  • For every frigging release

Python & Gettext

# TODO show Django import
from gettext import gettext as _

thing = _("I'm going to be translated")
{% load i18n %}

{% trans "person" %}

{% blocktrans count ppl|length as num %}
TODO show moar
  • Generates PO files

How to render PO files

TODO: show the command-line actions for pure Python and Django

Traditional model of translations

  • Content owner/developer
  • Localization manager
  • Content management system
  • Developers

Existing solutions before Transifex

  • Emails to translation agencies

    • loss of control
    • Expensive
  • Build own L10N system

    • Lots of work
    • Expensive


  • SaaS product
  • Open source platform
  • Built for developers to maintain

Simpler model of translations

  • Content owner/developer
  • Content Management System
  • Transifex

Transifex size of project

  • 17,000 users
  • 3,000 products


  • Django, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Celery AMQP
  • Django Add-ons
  • Mercurial, Git

Workflow automation

$ pip install transifex-client
$ tx set --auto-local -r myrproj.myres --source-lang en etc...

Creates a local .tx file that set sup the configuration file. This can be uploaded to git.

# commands to interact with Transifex
$ tx pull --source
$ tx push --translations

Workflow automation

  • Continious integration
  • VCS commit hooks
  • API to translate content
  • Services on Github and Bitbucket
  • Heroku Addon

Nifty features

  • Social interactivity, comes with a onboarded community