Testing is a boring/hard subject

  • How do you find those edge cases?
  • How do you detect crazy pairs of edge cases?
  • Wait until there is a reported error?
  • pydanny contention: UnitTest makes it hard to document patterns in tests. User controlled

Wrote a framework to help set tests

  • Actions are the tests
  • Drivers performs the tests and include specific conditions
  • So that means your tests are independent of the conditions but defined in code?


Seems like a design of separation of presentation from content in tests!!! MVC anyone?

MVC test framework? Pydanny Thoughts…

  • Can this be implemented on top of UnitTest?
  • If so, it can be back ported to other systems
  • Not actually MVC, just a defined pattern
  • BreakDance seems to generate code


  • Unit Testing isn’t enough
  • Find ways to detect and fire off edge case tests
  • itertools will save you
  • python makes otherewuse tedious tasks boring