May 23, 2012 LA Hack Night


I like the guys but I’m going to do my best to pierce the marketing hype tonight and see what they are really doing.


Presentation was given on a monitor. Should have been done off of a projector.

What is Serverless?

  • You can just write HTML and CSS and they do the rest.

    • They handle users.
    • They handle authentication and authorization.
    • They handle messaging.
    • They handle load balancing and scaling.
    • You don’t have to worry about choosing databases.
  • Fast prototyping

  • Scalable

  • Secure (security is not an afterthought)

Load testing

  • Can handle HN and Tech Crunch swamping.
  • 10K requests per second, which will dwarf anything HN or Tech Crunch can do.
  • Currently they manually spin up servers. They are working on automation.

Current APIs

  • Identity

    • Create and authenticate users
  • Messaging

    • Send messages to thousands of clients in real-time
  • Data (coming soon) is Secure

  • Capability security (priniciple of least priviledge)
  • All traffic in HTTPS
  • No need to put password or secret in your client side code is Scalable

  • Distributed architecture

  • Built with Node.js, Redis, and JRuby

    • Node.js for dispatch handling
    • Redis for speed
    • JRuby for spinning off of tasks uses CORS