LA Django 2012-04-17 various talks

All lightning talks. I was going to give one but was too busy to finishing assembling my talk.

Talk #1 - Deploying Django with wsgi and nginx

by Sandy Mahalo

  • Demonstrated against Django 1.4
  • Very technical and spoke fast so didn’t get a chance to write things done. :P
  • Material attribution:

Talk #2 - Naming things

by Michael Avila, works at EdgeCast

Two things hard in computer science

  • Caching invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. – Phil Karlton

Naming things is very hard

  • Programs are just theories for how computers can interact with the world.

Implementation patterns

Using house and street as our naming pattern target:

class - simple super class name

  • Top of inheritence chain
  • Stick to one word
  • Do this: Street
  • Not this: HouseList

class - qualified sub class name

  • How are they alike?
  • How are they different?
  • Do this: Hose -> GardenHose
  • Not this: Hose -> WaterSource

variable - role suggesting name

  • What is it’s type?
  • What is it’s scope/lifetime?
  • What is it’s role?
  • Do this: adams
  • Not this: adamsHouse

function - intention-revealing name

  • Stick to verb phrases
  • Do this: street.add_house(a)
  • Not this: street.houses(a)

Useful books for naming things

Talk #3 - Extracting Domain Objects

by Brian Riley, Edgecast

  • Target of the talk was some of the code from the Django tutorial :-)

  • Django is for serving out the web, not not necessarily other things.

  • Sometimes it can be good to extract the business logic from the obvious place and put into other control systems.

    • Celery comes to mind.
# old way += 1

# domain way
class Voter(object):

    def number_of_votes(self, user):
        if user.is_authenticated():
            return user.votes
        return Voter.DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_VOTES

Talk #4 - Integrating Facebook into Django

by Dan Loewenhertz of