Automated testing in Python and beyond

by Brenda Wallace


missed the beginning :(

Have unit tests

  • Debugging is fast

  • Find bugs elsewhere

  • Blame

    • Feel free to point fingers at who did it
  • look GOOD

  • Nose!

    • Finds tests and runs them
    • Logging capture
    • STDOUT
  • Running single tests

Disney Stuff

WETA digital uses Disney open source code!

Other language test frameworks

Everyone forks and no one works together


  • JUnit
  • JTiger
  • TestNG
  • Looks like Python, but with more words


  • PerlUnit
  • Over 60 other test frameworks!!!


  • PhpUnit
  • SimpleTest is cool


  • EUnit
  • Best intro to testing ever.

Write Tests

  • Write tests before you write code

    • I switched from the Shell to writing Unit Tests as well!
    • This is how I write a huge majority of my tests.


  • Hudson/Jenkins

    • Oracle Sucks
  • Just do it

  • I want this to have a service to do setup for you.