Django Chuck - Your powerful project punch button

by Bastian Ballmann and Lukas Bünger


Looks to be an amazing, modular tool for standing up projects easily. Missed most of the talk so my notes are incomplete.

Why the name Chuck?

  • Chuck is not informal term for meal
  • Not meaning vomit
  • Chuck has no times to anything

Use case for django-chuck

  • Same setup all the time
  • Manual project setups
  • Same conditions apply all the time

Why not Pinax?

  • No modular template structure or code base
  • Monolithic Python script
  • Addresses project creation only
  • No flexible build process management


pip install django-chuck

copy to:



Example usage

chuck create_project <prefix> <name> [modules] -a [pip modules]
chuck create_project ni djangocon django-cms,test,nginx

What happened?

This got generated:

  • settings
  • requirements
  • uwsgi
  • fabfile
  • hosting
  • jenkins
  • templates

Setup an existing project from source

chuck setup_project


Stepped away for things.